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Ministik Bird Sanctuary
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Type: Hike, Area
A patchwork of lakes, fields and forests. There are trails here and there, but nothing well marked for hiking. Snowmobile trails in winter are probably well marked.
Quick Info:
Elevation Gain:
a couple meters here or there
As far as you want to go
Routefinding is necessary
Added by joel.koop
There are multiple ways to access this area. From the west, you can drive east on township road 502 all the way to the end. There are walking trails here winding through the trees and mostly around the swamps.

Another access is from township road 510. Just park in one of the turnoffs, and walk south from there. You can choose to walk through the fields or trees. There are no well marked trails for walking. I eventually found a section of the Waskehagan Trail that goes through this area. Once you find it, it is fairly easy to follow, but the easiest way to enjoy this area is to just wander around. Make sure you know how to get back though - this is a huge area.

The area has lots of small hills, but is overall pretty flat. There are lots of lakes with lots of birds, and I imagine lots of other wildlife.

There are probably lots of other access points as well, although this road seems to be the simplest. If you use a different access point, please leave a comment.
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